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Our Mission:


The mission of SI Real Estate Tampa Bay is to provide the finest real estate service for every buyer, seller, investor, landlord, relocation or tenant by utilizing our skills, experience and values for the benefit of our valued clients as we complete real estate transactions of all flavors with unmatched personalization and quality.



Our Philosophy:

  • We are “Global Real Estate in Every Way”: A comprehensive spectrum of real estate services offered to clients across the globe.
  • We are experts: Our professional skill and knowledge is unparalleled, and no one brings more savvy to the industry, especially in the Tampa Bay real estate arena.
  • We are focused and determined to provide personalized excellence: We validate the unequivocal quality of our relationships by each client’s enduring decision to retain our services, not by the number of clients that we serve.
  • We are worthy: Virtue exceeds even professional skill as the measure of our worth.


Our Competencies:


We provide a complete spectrum of real estate services including seller and listing assistance, investor and landlord support, buyer representation, and property management. Building on over 40 years of experience in the industry, SI Real Estate Tampa Bay simplifies and expedites Global Real Estate in Every Way:  

any real estate service that any buyer, seller, investor, relocation or tenant could need, all with an unsurpassed level of quality and personalization, in . . .

  • Buyer Representation
  • First-time buyer assistance
  • Listings | Seller Representation
  • Bank Owned Properties | ROE’s
  • Sophisticated contract negotiations
  • Individual investor services | Acquisitions
  • Extensive Tampa Bay knowledge
  • Expert inspections support
  • Property management
  • Renovations

Our Story:

    1) Early Years Foundation Stage

SI Real Estate Tampa Bay is the natural evolution of the highly successful Saadi Investments, LLC. Rounding out its predecessor’s real estate services in the Tampa Bay market, it was created as a subsidiary company founded on Saadi Investments’ strong history and loyal client base.

2) Global expertise 

In the 21st century, the global aspect of the business world is more mainstream and important than ever before. Clients who are purchasing their first home, relocating from other regions, repeated buyers or international investors are playing a crucial part in the Real Estate Market in Florida. While the market conditions are improving, it is important to understand the unique needs of customers from Europe, Russia, India, China and South America. Here at SI Real Estate, we possess a unique set of skills and years of experience in the industry that enabled us to serve the needs of our clients in the Tampa Bay area and abroad. The knowledge of the global markets and the ability to communicate with our customers in English, German, French, Arabic, Czech, and Slovak are some of the characteristics we pride ourselves in. Also, our global history is a very valuable asset in this industry as it enables us to relate to some of the challenges connected with relocating from different parts of the world. No matter where you are moving from, or if you are simply looking for an investment opportunity, SI Real Estate will diligently guide you through the process step by step to ensure that you get the best possible service so you can enjoy the majestic state of Florida. 


Our Values:

We will execute no transaction unless of the highest quality with absolute attention to detail, absolute honesty, absolute integrity, absolute trust, and complete dedication. Every interaction must be positive; every relationship of value. The quality of our relationships is more important than any business transaction. Therefore . . .

. . . we will honestly represent the facts exactly as they are, and tell the client exactly what the client needs to know.  Our success is founded on the client’s judgment that the transaction was fair, so we execute contracts only if in all parties’ best interest. 

. . . we will communicate with integrity, clarity and transparency.  We keep clients informed. And we comprehensively discuss, then document, all business and contractual obligations and issues.

. . . we will honor the trust given us by keeping sensitive, private, and confidential client information private.  Beyond legal boundaries, we look to higher ethical standards in the security of client information. 

. . . we will close. We will fulfill all our obligations, and we will not quibble. We set our dedication to client service as the measure against which we seek our clients’ endorsement


                       Our Summary:


SI Real Estate | Tampa Bay provides Global Real Estate in Every Way: all the real estate services a buyer, seller, investor, landlord, relocation or tenant could want or need, and all with a unique level of quality and personalization.  We concentrate on quality, not volume.  We blend our 40-plus years of real estate knowledge and experience with an amazing attention to detail, guaranteeing exceptional quality. We know that success depends on client satisfaction, which keeps us focused on our core values: honesty, integrity, trust, and dedication.  We integrate these values into everything we do, using our diverse competencies to foster our clients’ purchase, sale, and management of all types of properties in the greater Tampa Bay area. 



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